Wednesday, August 21, 2013

"The Boys"

Allow me to introduce you to my fur babies, and one of our favorite house guests.  First up is Roger.  He was my first baby, even before my daughter was born he was with us.  We found him as a stray.  He was a teeny tiny kitten and all by himself.  We started putting food out for him and he got closer and closer to us over time.  One day he just walked in when we opened our door and he's been ours ever since.

He thinks he's human.  He will sit with us at the dinner table - not because he's begging for food, just because he thinks he belongs there.

This guy is a rascal and a stinker, but when he decides to be a love he's a real love.  He is the only cat on Earth who loves water.  He practically lives in the bathtub and will get in the shower with you if you let him!

Next let me introduce my youngest, Duke.  He is about 3 years old.  We saw an ad on craigslist posted by a young couple who had adopted this handsome guy but weren't able to keep him.  We went to meet him and brought him home the same day.  My life hasn't been the same since.  He is the sweetest and most loving creature I have ever known, and has totally turned me into a "dog person".

Snuggles with Daddy

He takes great care of my human baby, and treats her like she's his own little girl.

You really just can't help falling in love with this guy.

Last but not least, it's our favorite house guest.  He's the only guest who gets to stay as long as he wants anytime he wants.  He's my parents' cat, Toby.  We are his babysitters when his mommy and daddy are on vacation.  We all look forward to him coming - even Roger is starting to warm up to him!

Is this guy handsome or what?
The kitties chillin together


How could you not love these guys???

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