Friday, August 23, 2013

Faking a Collection

So, we have been working on our table and chair makeover for our dining room, and it is a really big job.  It's going to be rewarding in the end, but it's not giving me the instant gratification that I crave from my projects.  Looking around the dining area, I realize that there isn't going to be room for much else once the big table is in there, but I am lucky to have two sweet built in cabinets in the dining room, separating it from the kitchen.  These cabinets were actually a selling point for me when we purchased our home.  They add a lot of charm to this small space.  I was thinking that it would look really great to have a collection of some type in there but I didn't have enough of any one thing to make it work.  That was before I stumbled upon a plethora of DIY mercury glass tutorials on the internet.  The technique is super simple and it involves my BFF, spray paint.  The only materials needed are glass objects to change, a spray bottle of vinegar and water, paper towels, gold spray paint and Krylon Looking Glass spray paint.   Who doesn't have a bunch of glass vases and things laying around the house?  I rounded up some of mine, and bought a few cheap knick knacks at Goodwill.  The total cost was about $20.

It only took about an hour for me to make 9 pieces of faux mercury glass, and even though it couldn't actually pass for the real thing I really like the weathered look of it.
This was the first piece I made/

This jelly jar style light globe that I picked up at Goodwill is my favorite piece.  Something about it feels nautical to me.
I used the gold spray paint on some of the pieces, and some just the looking glass paint.  I think the gold gives it a more antiqued look.  I like it both ways and I'm glad I decided to mix it up.

Side note: That wedding cake you see was made for us by my super talented father.

I put some of my glass things back into the cabinets for now until I make more.  


I can't wait to finish this room and show you the final result!  Then it will be time for a wine and cheese party to break it in...

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