Thursday, August 8, 2013

Spray Paint Love Affair

There is no easier way to transform the look of any object than to spray paint it.  I have been on a spray painting bender these past few months. I have painted chairs,  lamps, a chandelier, an entire set of bedroom furniture and other odds and ends around the house.  My relationship with spray paint has changed the way I look at objects while shopping.  At times it's almost as if I seek out things that need to be revived rather than buying things that already look nice. When we moved into our house my eight year old daughter wanted to update her white little girl furniture, so I bought several cans of Krylon spray paint in Ocean Breeze, aka best color ever.  The whole set looks amazing in its new color and her room is a super fun, bright and suits her personality.

I also spruced up some old oak armchairs that I found in my Grandma's basement.  They were forest green when I took them, then they were painted a chocolate brown which didn't work with the coastal look I was going for here. I picked up some Rustoleum 2X spray paint+primer in Apple Green and completely transformed those dull old chairs and made them happy!  They add a great pop of color to my living room which has neutral furniture and soft grey/blue walls.

Our house came complete with an ugly 4 light ceiling fan in the center of the dining area, which HAD to go right away.  I scoured around for an inexpensive light fixture and I found one at my FAVORITE place, Green Acres, which I will soon be dedicating an entire post to.  It was your typical brass, colonial style chandy but it had eight lights in a two tier set up, which I liked.  It was hanging in the store wearing ugly shades on every bulb. I offered to leave those shades there in exchange for a couple dollars off the ticket price, which was just $12. I brought that sucker home for $10! Once again Rustoleum to the rescue - a couple coats of spray gloss enamel in Maui Blue and some new sleeves and frosted bulbs breathed new life into this old relic.

I've been busy lately with work and other projects around the house and garden but I still love you, spray paint.  We will definitely be getting together again soon to make more magic...

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